The chain of action is too often fragmented. We lose our vision, we move away from our mission. The meaning has gone astray on the way. Vector i creates the conditions for a common vision for joining a project: from exploration to governance through experimentation.

Our method helps businesses and communities maximize their chances of success.



The Vector i method was born from a meeting between design thinking, marketing and language sciences. This method guides collective intelligence through a result oriented approach.

Stength : it brings to light t the potentialities to be exploited
Time : it frames the reflection time by using key steps
Direction : the path of solutions
Rhythm : she orchestrates fun and stimulating workshops

Immersion, usage analysis, UX Design, brainstorming tools, service design
Positioning Matrix, Semantic Charter and Language Elements
Storyboarding, story writing, 3D prototyping
Evaluation Matrix, Priority Mapping
Interactive decision support tool (vote, challenge, rating, ...)

Create a rigorous framework

Without this framework, collective intelligence gets lost in an endless reflection and doesn’t produce concrete results. 

Gear the process towards solutions

By scripting the whole process, we favor the confrontation and exchange of perspectives, help to shake up the usual order of ideas and facilitate convergence towards shared solutions.

Adopt a playful spirit

The game is a powerful learning tool. It allows to go beyond its preconceived notions, it promotes exchanges of ideas and creates the desire to move forward.

Your need

You want to surprise your clients and improve client retention ? Your need to stimulate your teams to accomplish your purpose? Our function is to help you see more clearly to go further. Our 3 solutions bring light and energy to the right place at the right time.

Alpha Solution

Delta solution

Omega solution

A need to work on strategy positioning?

A need for innovation?

Want to solidify your intuition?

Do you need to go after your idea, to prototype it?

To consider all that’s possible?

To launch the implementation phase in the right direction?

You want to create dialogue to advance on a project?

Do you need an support for the governance of your project?


The team

Vector i is a collaborative method created by two consultants with 35 years of cumulative experience in the private and public sectors. As a creative and pragmatic team, they choose to combine their respective skills to facilitate concerted action.

  • Aude Labbe
  • Sandra Labastie

After a double training in urban planning and project management, Aude Labbe took responsibilities in communities across France and then integrated the world of design offices. Following these experiences, she co-founded Alpa Conseil, a touristic experience design agency.

15 years of project development and governance support convinced her of the relevance of collaborative methods, both for communities and organizations.

His hidden talent > She always has a plan B

After training as a linguist, Sandra Labastie evolves in the web and multimedia world. She devotes herself to scripting and producing content for organizations and communities.

She then founded the agency Design verbal. She designs and animates collective workshops oriented towards the acquisition of knowledge. She collaborates with consultants and researchers alike for more and more relevance in the proposed tools.

His hidden talent > She is always one step ahead.